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2021 was a busy and transformative year for The Cyber Trust. Many thanks to everyone who was involved with us over the year who have contributed so much.

Now in 2022, we are delighted to be forming a Partnership with two organisations we have worked closely with for some time, Cyber Security Challenge UK Ltd and The Cyber Scheme. More detail on this will emerge over the next few months, but it is an exciting new development. Our shared Vision is that together we will improve the United Kingdom’s cyber-competitiveness by increasing the number of people from diverse and non-conventional backgrounds choosing a career in the cyber security industry, raising awareness of online threats, and equipping vulnerable communities with the skills they need to protect themselves from those threats.

The way the three separate entities become mutually supportive is illustrated by this diagram:

Tripartite Partnership

A Partnership Board has been established to ensure good governance between the organisations, and we look forward to working on joint projects and activities in 2022.

The Cyber Trust was founded in March 2017 as the opportunities and dangers of the digital revolution were becoming increasingly apparent. The vision of the Founders was to help children and vulnerable people access the digital world safely and securely and at the same time enjoy the benefits of the technology.

Initially our work focused on Gloucestershire with the support of the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chief Constable and local schools and colleges. The style of the work comprised face-to-face interactive sessions with young people. Independent assessment indicated that the work was engaging and achieving its objectives.

After the launch the demands for support grew significantly and this has led the Trustees to pursue a different strategy but with the same objectives.

Working collaboratively, we decided to create and launch a new internet safety app known as “SpeakOut!” for Android and iPhone/iPad to be used in schools and more widely from 2021/22 onwards. We also have a dedicated site focused on SpeakOut! This has been designed initially though not exclusively to meet the needs of young people from the ages of 10 to 14, a period of transition for many, with an initial focus on how to recognise and respond to Bullying, quickly supplemented by another storyline on Online Grooming. The App is developed  in collaboration with The University of Gloucestershire, and The Gloucestershire Constabulary, and we have rolled out and gained feedback from local schools such as Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre, winners of a CyberFirst Gold Award.  Girlguiding Gloucestershire partnered with The Cyber Trust in 2021 promoting internet safety to its young members across Gloucestershire. In the first quarter of 2021 we made the app widely available, into Q4 we developed additional story lines, such as Body Image, BLM and Checking facts (part of Fake News or Information Literacy topic) which will be included in the App in Q1 2022.


The app is available to users through the Google Play and Apple App Stores, as a simple download just like any other app (search for “SpeakOut! in the appropriate Appstore with the the above logo). More details are on our dedicated SpeakOut! site.  We have also promoted the app through The Cyber Security Challenge‘s partnership with The National Crime Agency in Cybergames.

We are currently fundraising to develop the additional storylines and put in place better support, seeking sponsorship and donations from interested supporters of the project. Please contact info@thecybertrust.org, me or any of The Trustees if you would like a brochure – more information is on our fundraising pages.

Further apps and themes will be developed for specific, vulnerable groups and tailored to meet their needs.

We hope you will recognise the importance and value of this work. Please do not hesitate to make contact if you would like to sponsor or collaborate with us or have particular views to offer.

Janet Trotter

The Cyber Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered Charity number 1171883

Since Summer 2020 and now into 2022 we have assembled a list of useful resources and things to do around cyber and coding etc. This started during the Covid19 pandemic crisis for pupils, teachers and parents whilst schools were fully or partly closed, through the various lockdowns and tier restrictions. We aim to keep these current – new entries are welcome, let us know via info@thecybertrust.org
Registered with the fundraising regulator

We continued to be beneficiaries of The National Cyber Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021, and were proud winners of The Not-for-Profit Team of the Year award at the Cyber Security Awards 2017.
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We would like to thank all of the brilliant organisations that have supported The Cyber Trust.

The trustees of The Cyber Trust come from a variety of sectors across the United Kingdom