We have assembled some resources that may be useful for schools, parents and others – especially through the current home isolation period – as they increasingly include cyber security into lessons, or for other schools activities.  This is not by any means a comprehensive listing and is not limited to cyber, nor is it an endorsement, but things we have come across or used that we have found helpful and interesting.  New ideas for this section are welcome – just get in touch through

Many schools/workplaces/families are suddenly relying on digital technologies. In this context, online safety is more important than ever; The Better Internet for Kids and Safer Internet Day organisations have published useful tips to stay safe online during the pandemic.


Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. Explore one of the six Thinkuknow websites for advice about staying safe when you’re on a phone, tablet or computer.

Cyber Security Challenge UKVisit Cyberland and try the demo or jump straight in to this series of 16 fun, interactive online games that help teachers and after school club leaders introduce key concepts in cyber security.

Cyber Choices: is from The National Crime Agency (NCA) helping you choose the right and legal path:

TechUK: Resources to stay connected and improve digital skills amid COVID-19

100 Things to do Indoors 

Family Days Tried and Tested

Barclays UK:  The latest Code Playground Live session; a free lesson teaching kids how to code, hosted by the @Digitaleagles  –

Cyber Security Challenge UKSchools Programme Information including Lesson Plans

Cyber Crisis, a board game that educates and raises awareness of cyber security, whilst bringing the whole family together. Created by one of the finalists in Cyber Centurion VI.

HUMBLE BOOK BUNDLE: Coding Starter Kit by No Starch Press: resources for children –

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 100,000 courses and 24 million students. Learn programming, marketing, data science and more. Lots of good content and fairly cheap.

Get Safe Online site contains a wealth of useful information.

Cynja – from ISACA: CynjaSpace is a revolutionary internet security app combining the safety, control, and activity reports parents need, with the fun and freedom of using the web and chatting with friends that kids want.

On Coding, Scratch is good for the younger ones – a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Possibly Python for the older ones – some start before age 11 – Python is a programming language and can be used on a server to create web applications.

AQA Lesson Plans for GCSE Computer Science – includes Fundamentals of Cyber Security 

South East Regional Organised Crime Unit’s Cyber Choices team have developed a lesson plan which aims to teach the Computer Misuse Act and highlight career opportunities in Cyber Security. This lesson plan is intended for Key Stage 3 – Years 7 and 8.  Scroll down the link for the various materials:

FREE CYBER SCHOOL FOR KIDS The team at the Academy of Cyber Security are planning to run free-to-attend, live & online cybersecurity lessons for Primary & Secondary school children during the Covid 19 crisis.

Global Cyber Academy

Canadian site
There are ‘past contests’ and full solutions for Canadian years 5/6 and years 7/8 (UK equivalent years 5.5/6.5, etc). This site is available publicly and comes out of the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Maths and Science

Royal Institution computing courses for beginner/adults – pages of web links and lots for children

OU – many free MOOCS on cyber

Cyber School: Free Cyber Security & Computer Science Education for UK School Pupils. Free to attend, live & online cyber security school for UK school pupils.

The Parents’ Guide to Teaching your Teen Online Safety

Various: (the links are in a list below these images)


Top Marks –

Dragon Box (Paid App) –

Bee Bot App for Computing (Free App) –

Times Table Rockstars (Paid App) –

Cbeebies – Numberblocks –

Explorify for Science – ICT Games – For Literacy and Maths –

Prodigy Maths (Free App) –


Twinkl – Subscription service used by schools is offering a free premium service for educators, parents and children to use whilst schools are closed. Worksheets, PowerPoints and interactive games to support all areas of learning.

Classroom Secrets – Maths and reading home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures. Free access to child version of site.

Espresso – Interactive games, videos and information to support all curriculum areas.

White Rose Maths – Maths home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures.

Master the Curriculum – Maths subscription service has made resources free for educators and parents.

Primary Stars – Maths home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures (KS1).

Mrs Mactivity – Provide your email to be sent free activities and resources to support with home learning.

Classroom Secrets – Maths and reading home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures. Free access to child version of site.


Smiling Mind Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness

Cosmic Yoga Yoga videos designed for kids aged 3+

BBC Supermovers Interactive videos to support with KS1 and KS1 maths, Literacy, PHSE and PE Learning. Great for times tables as well as videos that are ‘just for fun’

Go – Noodle – Youtube (More Videos on their Website) Hundreds of ‘braincercise’ , dancingstrength and mindfulness videos – as well as videos that are ‘just for fun’

Premier League Stars Videos and activities to support with Maths, Literacy PSHE and PE

Newsround Keeping children up to date with the world around them – creating opportunities to talk about the news with children


Phonics Play –

Phonics Bloom – Letters and Sounds –

Cbeebies-Alphablocks –

Teach your monster to read (Website is Free – Paid App) –

Oxford Owl –

Reading Teach Handwriting – Cursive Practice –

Vooks – Storybooks brought to life –

Scholastic – Classroom Magazines learning.html

Spelling Shed (Paid App) –